NXT2B was started in 2011 by the Swedish entrepreneur Bengt Ã…gerup and he is now acting as senior adviser to the company. Bengt has held senior positions within Pharmacia and Biomatrix and started the company Q-Med that was subsequently sold to Galderma in 2011. Q-Med is the world leading company for dermal injectable fillers and the main product is Restylane. Bengt is a former Board Member of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and the former Chairman of Stockholm Uppsala Life Science.

NXT2B is a leading venture capital/private equity firm with focus on growth equity investments in healthcare, medical devices and specialty pharmaceutical companies. NXT2B also invests in technology and consumer companies. NXT2B started in 2011 and has invested in more than 30 companies . NXT2B supports its portfolio company management teams to build market leading companies.