Team members

Bengt Ã…gerup
Founder. Bengt is a Ph D and has held senior positions within Pharmacia and Biomatrix and started the company Q-Med that was subsequently sold to Galderma in 2011. Q-Med is the world leading company for dermal injectable fillers and the main product is Restylane. Bengt is a former Board Member of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and the former Chairman of Stockholm Uppsala Life Science.


Kristin Ermanbriks
Project Co-ordinator. Kristin has been with Q-Med as Manager Corporate Administration and held Executive Assistant positions within Conpharm and the Department of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, Uppsala University. Kristin has also worked as Marketing Assistant for different geographical areas at Pharmacia International.


Erika Kjellberg Eriksson
CEO. Erika has been working in the life science sector for 15 years. Before joining nxt2b she served as CFO of OxThera, prior to that as Vice president and CFO of Q-Med and as CFO and CEO of BioPhausia. Erika has a formal background as B.Sc. in Ba and Econ. from Uppsala University and started her career as an auditor at Ernst & Young. 


Angelica Loskog
Scientific adviser. Angelica is the CEO of Lokon Pharma AB and a Professor of Immunotherapy at Uppsala University. Angelica is within the field of immune, gene and cell therapy with a focus on cancer and autoimmune disease.